Nothing Great about Britain

  1. A Newcastle fan punches a horse.
  1. Millwall supporters scrapping with each other at Wembley.

Paul O Connell MBE kicking a fellow British cub in the head

  1. Liverpool fans doing the conga to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher.:clap:

  1. mick philpott

Stoke fans today

  1. Bradford City supporters and stewards scrapping yesterday.

Two British teams bating the shite out of each other…

An Everton fan was stabbed after their game with QPR yesterday.

  1. Doped up Brit Bradley Wiggins and his Rupert Murdoch-sponsored Sky cronies winning the Tour de France by foul means

Is this supposed to be fantasy or reality?

Faldo & Fooley

Sad really

You’ll find out in time my ornery friend

[quote=“Sidney, post: 759284, member: 183”]1. A Newcastle fan punches a horse.

That maybe the greatest video on the interweb.

The place is well & truly broken alright.

He punched a horse

I’m glad cunts like you have fucked off out of our country…

You’ve got a bit of a man crush there lad…

Sorry dont swing that way but whatever floats you boateen lad…

Stop obsessing with me…I’m not that interesting


Take the compliments man. He is a sweetheart really.

This is how you punch a horse