November Rugby Internationals (aka Kev - "Should BOD be dropped?")


He has reinforced my lack of faith in rugger types to be honest.


he always struck me as an uncle tom west brit


I shall be handing out infractions to those who continue to discuss Soccer on a Rugby Thread.


He declared the victory in yesterday’s match as “one of the great all-time victories”. Typical rogbee ball hyperbole


Like calling someone 1/2 a cunt, a 1/5 of a bastard or 2/5s of a prick?


Apparently, they laid down a marker to the world yesterday.


Dunno, kid. I’m mad though so i could say anything.


They don’t come more gentlmanny.

The epitome of the difference between Pres & Christians


Both a fee paying schools are they not?



But a stark difference in how they turn lads out.

Pres leave lads with great networks and an unbelievable work ethic but also a large arrogance and in a large amount of cases a pompous attitude.

Christians don’t reach the academic heights nor do they have the same “captains of industry”. But they are generally far sounder and balanced in outlook.


Iv heard from several people who have kids in pres that it is not a great school at all. It’s good for personal development and they will enjoy going there but academically there are a dozen better options


Probably. Very linear way of thinking and working towards results etc i would imagine.

Suits the grinders. The lads i know that struggled there were always the non-confirmist types.

Lot of old boy nonsense in Pres.


Yeah. Shit loads of non city boys in CBC as well due to proximity to train. Gives better mix


Ya thats a good point. Very progressive principals one after another as well over 25-30 years. Huge emphasis on promoting peoples skills be it in sports, arts or business and innovation.


For what its worth though Pres would have a massive rural population as well.


Is St Angelas still going there lads?


Is Paudie Palmer the principal there?


I’d say there are wanted posters on the wall of that place still


The enormity of what Ireland acheived in the Autumn internationals is being felt here on the mainland, the only side in History to defeat the big three from the Southern Hemisphere in one year


Where is better academically? Is this all based on other people’s opinions or have you stats?. Being honest, i’d be opposed to fee paying schools full stop and I can see what you and @caoimhaoin mean by linear way of thinking. Princess’ nephew started in Pres this year and I’ve been surprised by the workload and it’s emphasis on classical subjects - a sure sign of breeding a superior outlook -