Now That's What I Call Music...Videos

A thread to post the best music videos - must be a commercial video relating to the release of a single. No live performances, unless it was a live single.

Fuck that manufactured boy-band bullshit choreographed moves. This is real choreography! When they all turn their heads the same way. At the same time… Holy shit, it’s a thing of beauty.

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My favourite.


@Chucks_Nwoko, you’ve attempted to ruin this thread but as I’ve got a raging horn on me now I’m going to say “as you were”



Hello nurse!

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Dylan -Subterranean Homesick Blues
By God

This is almost certainly the greatest video ever made


Can someone answer this for me? I had fella try to convince me that the pipe band in the paddys day parade in New York jump around video were from Limerick. It was way too out there and detailed for me to call bullshit on it but it was the first time i heard it. Its wreaking my head

Irish pipe band plays in NY Paddy’s day parade. How is that out there? They’ve played the parade twice