NZ, UK, US, Sweden, Poland & Cheese eating surrender Monkeys approaches to Covid-19

Zero Covid is the way to go

Those lads who always believe the Government is after them need to be careful as the Government is after them

You’re free to think freely, but only in prison

Why does the video look likes it’s from the 1980s?

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It was made in NZ

They seem to be fighting back. A girl i was in school with had an insta story saying thry are constantly checking their door to ensure they havent been locked in. All stay at home mandatory testing. Batshit

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What’s the fucking story here? Do they know something we don’t ?

Remember when they built a hospital in 3 days?

They definitely do. They haven’t bothered their holes with the vaccine either

Can’t be good can it

Sure what difference did that make?

all the covid fannys on here wetting themselves at that one

Well they did make it so presumably they do

People wanted Ireland to be like China

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