NZ, UK, US, Sweden, Poland & Cheese eating surrender Monkeys approaches to Covid-19

Is there any entry requirements to the USA still required? I saw Novax was having trouble on the news?

You need to be vaccinated.

Recently in the last few months or in general?

13 boosters kid

Just an original dose, no booster, they don’t even check anyways

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You just need a primary series of vaccines, no need for boosters.

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Nothing unless you use VeriFLY

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Ideal i have the 2 first doses of the cod vaccine. Ideal


They are still, bizarrely, checking into 2023

Don’t mention the trip to China

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Yeah doesnt even need to be in date either. Id be better off showing ive my MMR and a tentnus shots got.

Is that for covid or extra security checks?

I’d a bit of a cold for an hour or two, kids likewise. Anyhow, I’m after opening a bottle of ardbeg and i can’t taste a thing. A nawful state of affairs