Odd pub names

I know there was a pub in Elton, Co. Limerick before called ‘the case is altered’ and i believe theres a pub in Garryowen simply called ‘the pub’.

Any other good ones out there?

One in Clare called The Usual Place. I always thought that was a good name and a little odd.

There’s one in Limerick city called “The Office”

There’s one in templeogue called either the morgue or the graveyard.

Thing Mote (now O Donoghues Suffolk St)

The Gravediggers in Glasnevin

The Hut in Phibsborough

It’s The Morgue.

The Dil is one in Galway. (Used to be called Ti na ng)

The Front Room in Galway

The Goat Got Loose is/was one in Cork

There was one in Mohill by the same name. It was then changed to An Gnach Ait. Boxty goes drinking with a brother of the old proprieter.

The Deadman’s Inn out on Lucan is another.

Was one of them in Cork for years. The same guys who own it now own “Bob Foxes”, which is just a crap name basically.

Fred Zepplins in Cork, good, but not that odd.
The Hairy Lemon
The Donkeys ears
The flying bottle:D
All in Cork

The Pubic Podiatrist

the goat broke loose, it was a song

the day the puck broke loose on grand parade, all the shawlies in cork city were afraid,

cant remember any more of it, good singalong song alright if you cant sing!

“The goat who broke loose on the Grand parade”, on the Grand Parade is the full name.

Deadmans in Laois also.

Barmondays in Portlaoise.

Shoot the Crows in Sligo.

Hippy paradise - fantastic pint of Guinness though. Keg at the bar beside the tap.

The Littlest in Boston, sadly since closed.

So called because, it was, well you get it…

The Lascivious Lobster