Odd questions that don't deserve a thread of their own

I was reading about that case where the woman tried to abort her baby by drinking industrial strength vinegar and she died.

But what is industrial strength vinegar and what is it used for?

A quick google didn’t really help.

It’s used in cleaning products.


It’s particularly useful in killing moss.


Thanks. Does the English language have less nouns and rely on context more than other languages? My Spanish pals suggest it does.

This relates to my previous question by the by.

I need more lemon pledge.

We’re not responsible for that. You should just bring some from home

I was under the impression that everyone had heard?


Proves that there was a row in the Ballyboden camp after all

Why do junior doctors have to work 30 hour shifts or whatever, isn’t that shit illegal? I don’t get it.

Aren’t they just on call for 30 hours? As opposed to actually pulling 30 hour shifts. Presume the sleep for a good portion of it and get paid for the privilege.

Not at all-the poor bastards get flogged harder than a French Top 14 rugby player. I’ve heard of junior doctors falling asleep in front of patients because they are so tired. They might catch 20 minutes here and there over a 36 hour shift but that’s no good to anyone over a prolonged period. No idea why they do it but I presume it is a resource issue.

What’s a lapsed poster?

If only Rocko hadn’t got rid of the wiki

Posters who no longer post but who are still members are considered lapsed(ss,tipp tops) These should not be mistaken with banned posters (wtb, noddy) or posters who excommunicate themselves(kibman, Dubliner 2) or posters we all wish would fuck off(Foley). The recent scandals involving Rocko have probably led to an increase in the number of lapsed posters. A Pope Francis type figure is needed to lure them back, the second coming of the dunph cannot come soon enough!

Is there a thread noting all the topics that @Sidney is a certified expert on? Two recent examples that spring to mind are gender dysphoria and ordinary Americans. If there’s a ‘people that Kev knows’ thread and a ‘causes of Glas’ thread, where is the ‘things Sid is an expert on’ thread?

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Are Fruit Pastilles renamed “Fruit Bastilles” in France for the days and weeks leading up to Bastille Day

14 in a pack, 7 flavors :dizzy_face:

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what exactly was yer wan and Billie Joe throwing off the Tallahatchie Bridge?