Off the Ball on Newstalk

I suppose it means Itoje is better .

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It’s racist

I can’t exactly who or where I heard it over the weekend but some analyst was saying that “Ireland won the territorial battle”.

Did Oisin Langan leave off the ball over the gambling adds?


For lads who do a lot of talking about sport, there are a fair scatter of them that could do with stepping back from the dinner table and doing some exercise.


I heard him on freedom FM the other day

Who’s the mafioso third from the right?

That’s @big_mick_mccarthy I think


There are a few candidates for the „people you suspect are smelly” there.

Hard believe some fellas on here adore that fucker on the left

Beautiful 5 minutes


I seen that yesterday alright.The Donal Ogs of the world don’t really care about these lads.

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Yep, not one bit