Off The Ball




My worst nightmare


Mac and gman are sound. I’d happily go on the beer with them.


You are very middle aged now


Comfortable in my own skin, pal.


Happy to give that the all important 10th


Eoin Hand being interviewed about his book now.


Another one? He wrote one about 10/15 years ago


Don’t think he wrote the one 10 years ago himself but he had a Hand in it.


I’m pretty sure he did. I Eoin a copy of it.


I got @rocko a signed copy of the original at its launch in Doheny and Nesbitts years ago.


Did Tom Humphries ghost write it by any chance


That’s a different book, is it not? It’s just a history of Irish football.


That’s a different book. I don’t think he wrote that one himself.


The Richard Dunne interview the other night was quite decent, big fan of Sven and Tord.


No idea. Never read it.


Good discussion with Keith Andrews after 9pm tonight. He’s an excellent analyst.


My first time watching/listening to this Off The Ball AM thing.

Is it getting much traction? Is there an audience for it?


Truly lads with faces for radio


Not that I care much but was in the car yesterday and they didn’t have live coverage of the man city game yesterday. Thought they had premier league games on a Sunday?