Off The Ball


Was v good. Interviewer handles v well. Just let her talk


It was indeed. Off The Ball is an outstanding show, it does magnificent work.


Off the Ball is a pretty good show if you just listen to the podcast segments,you can avoid the terrible “bants” that way.The paper review on a Sunday is a great way of catching up on the sindo without having to buy it.


I’ve hardly listened since John Kelly came back on Lyric.


Watched it today, absolutely heart rending but also fascinating. Three guys who were clearly still heartbroken, but outwardly displaying it very differently.


I’m the same.


Paul Flynn.


He probably never saw the inside of a lecture hall and all.


That would never happen in DCU😁


They have lectures in DCU?


The bants ruins the shoe. Speaking of bants,anyone listening to second captains?


In the same way as you keep asking inane questions you nosy prick?


You don’t knows how to spell nosey.


Mucksavage Westmeath club footballer on here now.

“Ya know what I mean, like.”


The rural Limerick burr of the rolling rrrrrr’s doesn’t grate half as much


I was out in the car there earlier and they had a lovely interview with Lee Keegan.


Ruined by following it with the crappy quiz


I couldn’t listen to that pal.


Intolerable shite


It’s when they show to the world what dweeby cunts they are