Official All Ireland Minor and U20 Hurling & Football Thread

Started tonight around the place.

Cork struggling big time with a game Clare team.

Tipp seem to have the expected easy win over Limerick and Kerry had the even more expected easy win over Waterford.

Kerry the team to beat in Munster is the word. Cork are more or less an U-17 team.

Tipp were far more clinical than Limerick with v few wides. That said Limerick could easily have got something from the game if they had converted two glorious goal opportunities in the 2nd half, and showed more composure on the ball.

Tipp were good value for their win but the scoreline was a bit unfair.

Ref was a fool too.

clare minors were short two very good footballers in tony kelly and gearoid o connell who have decided to commit fully to hurling this year. only jarlath colleran i think crosses the two panels.
i imagine they will be satisfied with the performance

Kerry wont take much from that game tonight. Played in awful conditions in Tralee with a poor ref. The Kerry defence was never tested and against a bigger team they could get a real eye opener. Both wing backs were midfielders and the two corner backs are only small lads. Only 2 subs were used which was disappointing giving the score was so high. Hard to assess how good Kerry are after it but next round should reveal more.

The Cork Minor hurlers (without consultation i believe) decided that no player doing the LC was allowed play dual, either play hurling only or take off. Now up to LC their may be some sense to that, but i think it applies for the year. Madness, and typical of the hurlers.

Cork were happy with their performance, they are a smallish team with an awful lot of speed and are young. They feared this Clare team a bit.

hard to know why?

admittedly flannans have done well this season at both corn ui muiri and the under 16.5 competition but thats just one school compared to corks choice of player?

regarding missing players in our case its a far bigger blow, especially for the footballers when players are unavailable because the fall off in talent as you move down your panel is much bigger generally in counties with smaller groups to choose from

The fright they gave them last year when Cork had a superior team. Allied to the fact Cork had quite a young team with very little experience and Clare had alot more on the age apparently.

If a guy is unavailable because he doesn’t want to play then he might as well be playing cricket, it doesn’t matter. Thats different from a guy being (more or less) stopped playing. Doesn’t matter what size the county is, making them make choices at this stage of their careers is utter foolishness IMO. And from what i can see and have heard its backfiring, as being with the Footballers is more attractive in Cork now for alot of dual players.

Players from the East would have a different perspective on that though.

Link or apologise.

A link to my conversations with players and/or their families? Sorry, i didn’t record them.


Would you ever fuck off and stop annoying me will ya.

Cork people are funny

Limerick football is gone down the shitter again as much as it pains me to say!

Most of that Tipp team are underage next year too.

Ya, what some counties are doing now, especially the smaller ones, is building teams over 2 years. Its a good idea from a long term point of view. These guys will have great experience coming out of Minor.

anyone at the clare cork match? how did martin o leary corner forward and stan lineen center back play? i believe o leary to be a classy forward.

hopefully they will win in waterford and have another go at the two or three big teams.

Lineen struggled to make an impression and generally looked too small for 6, Alan Cadogan (who isn’t the biggest) got a lot of ball off him in the first half. O’Leary got a couple of nice points in the first half but did nothing in the second. Both were subbed.

Yeah thats a new phenomenon alright.

I should say Clare were pretty impressive, and if it wasn’t for a pretty weak full-back line could have easily gotten something out of the game. Some very nice forwards.

fair play. i was at last years match in ennis and thought we should have won that. considering ye made an AI final it reflects reasonably well on the progress made at minor level in clare the last few years.