Official All Ireland Minor and U20 Hurling & Football Thread (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from Official All Ireland Minor and U20 Hurling & Football Thread (Part 1) - #10028 by myboyblue.

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Cork are shaming the game here with their treatment of Screeney

Screeney Screeney Screeney

Howell in a world of trouble.

Some cack handed Kilkenny mullocker will take screeneys head off and we will never hear about him again

Downey should be marking him. Howell is a half back.

Johnny Ryan had a poor day in goal in the AI Semi in 2006 but redeemed himself to save 3 times from Joe Canning in the final, the last game he ever played in goals


Troy can thread needles with them puckouts - can’t bate breeding

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Good start by Offaly, keep hitting those spaces.

Ominous start with the Offaly puckouts and our full-back line.

You’d hope the fast wristy Hurlers of Offaly prevail over the Cork robots



Very poor defending there, had plenty of opportunity clear their lines

Some goal.

Thats poor defending. You’d fear for offaly

Great touch for a robot.

Great to see Cunningham go for goal rather than tip it over the bar

Half these cork fellas look like rugby players

Poor at the back there, bad shot from Cunningham that should have been dealt with

Healy is a good player