Official Arsenal FC Thread - 2015/16

The Official TFK Arsenal FC Supporters Club is now taking members for the 2015/16 season. New members welcome.


In… I was in for 2013/14 but skipped last year I think.



@Monkey_Allen - you in pal?

Absolutely, never been so confident going in to a new season. I think we will definitely get fourth place.

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Huzzah :soccer: :ronnyroar:

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In, all aboard Wengerly Wagon


This comes to mind:

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It seems Arsenal still have to sort out their goalkeeper problems…

Ospina did nothing wrong with them last season but they discarded him because his name wasn’t sexy enough.

Poor again from Cech.

Fuck me. I’m off to listen to the Manics. Time for The Holy Bible.

Liverpool’s title.

Ah lovely.

Wenger out


Arsenal losing, Chelsea drawing, Man United boring.

City will walk this.

This year is Arsenal’s year!! Fucking jokers. Keano was right.

Mario MelchiotVerified account ‏@MarioMelchiot 3h3 hours ago
After going bankrupt Parma have resorted to selling old trophies to raise money. Very sad. But great news for Wenger :eyes::open_hands:t3::trophy: #jokes #mmlove

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