Official Full Backs Appreciation Thread

Feel free to add to this dedicated thread to a pivotal position on the field of play…

Some quality full backs above

Do do do. do do di do…

Jones and Nicol :clap:

Parker, Iwin, Neville and Evra- 4 of the best


Parker, Iwin, Neville and Evra- 4 of the best[/QUOTE]

Gary Neville is a cunt

No, Gary is a legend, just because he hates Liverpool and players who show no class doesn’t make him a cunt.

Gary Neville is the fans representative on the pitch.

Gary Neville and class in the one sentence! ha!.. He is a piece of excrement, regardless of who he plays for, end of.

If Liverpool had enough players with Garys passion then maybe it wouldn’t have been so long since they won the league.


Jones and Nicol :clap:[/QUOTE]

Steve Nicol is one of the most hunnish cunts on the planet. Hun cunt.

John Arne Riise.

Just great.

A few of the greats

Living in the 21st century, that kind of stuff does not resonate with me!

The best I have seen

My favourite as a young lad

I haven’t seen one fullback yet. So here you go.


:clap: .