Official Mosconi Cup thread

Mosconi Cup XV
December 11-14

USA: Earl Strickland, Johnny Archer, Rodney Morris, Jeremy Jones, Shane van Boening, Nick Varner (non playing captain)

Europe: Ralf Souquet, Neils Feijen, Mika Immonen, Tony Drago, Mark Gray, Alex Lely (non playing captain)

Drago on his own turf should be unplayable.

There was a bit of argy bargy at this last year wasn’t there?

I remember the interview post match and one of them gave his opponent a bit of tongue lashing?

Last year. Almost every year. Earl Strickland is an utter prick.

Cool. Last year was my first time watching it.
Was very enjoyable

Is Barry Hearn still involved in this? He used to have Steve Davis and Ronnie O’Sullivan playing in its early days. Earl The Pearl and Johnny Archer are masters of their craft.

This guy is a complete goon. Everyone its American Captain Nick Varner

Everytime this fucker appears on the screen I feel like killing someone.

We’re 3-1 up after the first day. A great first session for the continent.

Did anyone see Strickland banging his cue off the table again last night? Fool.

Can’t believe nobody’s been on revelling in our 11-5 victory over the Americans. Souquet and Illonen are pool immortals now and we probably would have won by more only Tony Drago was on the team to satisfy the frenzied Maltese crowd. Personally, it eases the Ryder Cup scars somewhat and will make Christmas more bearable for me.

So you’ll recognise some European pool team as our but not the team representing your own country in soccer. Hmmmmm

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him win a match.
Yours etc,

Ah Mac, I call the Ireland football team ‘our’ but I don’t really support them. I’d still feel comfortable using the term ‘our’ though. Much like I’d regard Brian Cowen as ‘our’ Taoiseach even though I won’t ever be supporting that cunt. Anyway, let’s not get bogged down in semantics on what should be a celebratory thread.

Mosconi Cup XVII on now. No Earl Strickland this year. :frowning:

What’s the venue?

Just as Lakeside is the home of darts, I’ve always considered Lakeside the home of pool. That’s Lakeside shopping centre in Essex, which used to regularly host some epic pool TV clashes. Great days.

Riotous scenes here.

Thats a recording of last night sid.

That doesn’t take away from the validity of my point.

Team Europe have jumped out to a 3-1 lead in this years renewal. Sadly no Earl Strickland in team USA’s line up this year.

A great tournament this . Pure snobbery relegates it to the margins . Compared to the golf crowd the sportsmanship in remarkable . Mosconi epitomises what the cross atlantic alliance ought to be . The poison of the Ryder Cup is shunned here.

The wonderful game of the pool is the winner.

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Van Boening getting no luck here.