Official Netherlands Supporters Thread

As a football purist I have long considered the Dutch as the true Masters of the game. Cryuff, Van Basten, Bergkamp, Rijkaard, Gullit, Neeskans, Suubier, Wim Jansen names that are famous in every household in the world.
We are the Netherlands, We are Holland, we are the Dutch and we are going to make History and win the World Cup

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Total Football

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Supporting those horrible Dutch bastards that increased the prices on you?


I don’t like the Dutch. Apart from Virgil. And that Arthur numann lad that played for the huns was nice. And GVB. That’s all.
Hon the argies.

Very much so

The Dutch gave us 1/3 of our national colours.

Come on the Argies


Argentina was the destination for the 3rd highest number of Irish immigrants. Only US and Tan-land saw more*

*This figure could be well outdated now.

The Dutch are very weird. A weirder version of Germans.

There’s a lad at work from Argentina and he seems sound.

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Without the Dutch we wouldn’t have a stock market

You’d stop a train. Any chance you can make a Constitution Hill supporters thread before Cheltenham in March?


@Lazarus better not end up on the England Supporters thread. We don’t want him.


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It’s Orange march time.

Live scene on the Garvaghy Road: