Official Petrov Friendly game

ugly betty donated 11k last night

Bobo. :clap::clap::clap::clap:

The King Stay The King. :clap:

Balde is going to put someone in the hospital yet. :smiley:

Oh dear. That one direction gimp is coming on

Quite sickening that Thommo has been excluded from this. He did a hell of a lot more for Celtic than Lennon or Lawwell did.

What a shot from John Terry. Hits the post from deep inside his own half. And he meant it.

Hilarious the reaction from crowd when that One Direction fella touches the ball. Screams from the girls. Boos from everyone else

Any word on Tomlinson’s injury?

Was quite wonderful to see Bobo back in the hoops, he is a human wrecking ball.

Gabby Agbonlahor is an alright sort.

Silly little cunt wearing 1D on his back, pity his leg wasn’t snapped.



Luxury player.

Larsson was using Sammy’s locker today. :clap:

Celtic supporter John Terry with a strong aerial challenge on Celtic legend Henrik Larsson. Two great guys. :clap:

Petrov and son. :clap:

60,000 sell out today. Any videos of the post match You’ll Never Walk Alone, bhoys?

According to the youtube comments, Agbonlahor is getting shitloads of death threats from this lads fans :smiley:

What was the point of this game out of curiosity?

Raising money for Petrov’s charity.

If you had to take a guess, what would you say the purpose of this charity game was?

What charity?

Who is he??

Thanks mate, thats all I wanted to know. Credit the young chap from that band for getting involved in such a fine event