Official TFK Atletico Madrid Supporters Club

Signing in

We’re great we are. I hope we win. We’ve deserve it. Our lads have been great.
C’mon us.

Welcome aboard Piles :clap:

Straight red for Ronaldo :smiley: :pint:

We’re great at the oul diving and time wasting so we are

Signing in.


Signing in.

We have them cunts on the run now.

signing in!

that was some fucking dive though! couldnt happen to a nicer cunt though!

I can’t remember the last time I was this nervous

Signing in for the rest of injury time

its fairly tense alright Mac. I think we can hold on! What a victory it will be! To win on our most hated rivals turf!

If Gman is in then I am in


We fucking did it!



Out fucking standing!!!@@@:confused::confused::confused::confused:

Ole ole ole .

Our boys did great

An emotional rollercoaster ride. I owe it to the lads to stay on board for next season now, transfers permitting

A great night for us

What a wonderful bandwagon this has been.
The most successful ever TFK bandwagon in terms of trophies won/minutes spent