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The U8’s won the last go games blitz of the year a few weeks back. They said it was a draw, but we knew.

We knew.

Didn’t want to make a big deal of it. Not all heroes wear capes.


Some article from Jerry, rips the gga and rugby to shreds in a dismissive rather than bitter tone. A top, top man.

That’s why Dublin largely win everything, and do look reasonably fit for a team sport. But the majority of others don’t. Now it’s clear they do spend a large amount of time in the gym, because they’re all big, but can hardly move. Now it’s rarely I watch it anyhow, but anytime I do watch Gaelic games, I’m struck by how slow everybody is. They’re big fellas, just hammering into each other. Gym culture has taken over, no doubt about that.

“If Gaelic games was an international sport, there would need to be a massive, dramatic reappraisal about the way boys go about their gym and fitness. And the rugby boys are more or less the same. They’re very fortunate that only a handful of countries, principalities mostly, play rugby. It’s about as international as road bowls.”



Jesus I really enjoyed that Article


I have to say I’m starting to think s&c is a load of codology


Jerry nailing it again.


Ah yeah.Our mate @Brimmer_Bradley got selected to head up a co team today. For 2108. Fuck u kev.
Die you cark bastard.
S + see me hoop. I’ll run rings around the cark athletes.


Jerry is right in that a lot of lads don’t have the mental fortitude to punish themselves. He is box office. Also a renowned swordsman.


Thats a tremenjous interview with Jerry :joy::joy:

I met him a few times through his brother years ago and he is a great character


Because an uneducated loonie like Kiernan says so?

The reason Ireland has less good runners is cos Irelabd has less runners.

I have disproved his milage argument quite a few times now cutting milage in half in some cases and clients racing faster times


Jerry is very educated kev. I like his way of thinking. I can see you see him as a potential threat to what you do


Kiernan is a legend. His hatred of GGA is amusing.


He has none.

He is a laughing stock on this subject. And is very uneducated on this subject



10 months of training pays off. County Hurling champions.


Sorry just saw hurling …


Who is this now?


Here @Brimmer_Bradley
Have a look. Something to chew and move away from the GAA manual


@The_Selfish_Giant - you might learn something


I’d say the woman who wrote that never beat Toom in a co quarter.


Did ye win with 8 year olds?


Has some valid points, but the one assumption it makes throughout is that the player finds a way even if they use an incorrect technique. I wouldn’t agree with that. If they can, then brilliant. But more often than not, they don’t. For every Aidan Fogarty with a cack handed swing who made it thru, you have hundreds more who couldn’t make that work. An over focus on technique and over and back drills is not the solution either, but there should be a middle ground for those who cannot find the solution due to technique failings.

Spoke to your mate in Sweden a couple of weeks back, and he made a point that would be more relevant than this article. Are kids being taught or are they learning? Simple question, but a deeper analysis of it makes a lot of sense.