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Sweet. Perfect really.

Made tour point. He was needed, he delivered. Rest of lads will have a big respect for him and he for you and the club.

Win win win.


How do you stop him getting too big for his boots now though, sure they needed me, wouldnt have won it without me etc?


They did need him

Their coach believed they wouldn’t win it without him

Both indisputable facts


They won by a cricket score.

He wasn-t started though. A big ego will hurt. A decent reasonable lad will understand.

Its still win-win. You will still have to wait and see how he reacts in big picture.

If he has potential as a soccer player that should be encouraged.

You are there as coach to everyone and its not your job to keep lads for GAA. Its your job to give everyone the best chance to get exercise, socialize and compete.


Disputable when they win easily. But it appears he was catlyst. So you’d have to be there really.

It will actually give the other lads loads of confidence to play without him. As most likely they will have to get used to it.


Im just scared he’ll be on an internet discussion board in decades time over playing his role in an underage win


Ah come on. Who does that?


There is no ego issues with this young lad. And it wasn’t like I was trying to making a statement for or against him or to prove any points. I’m delighted for him that he had the impact he did when he came on. It was a win win for everyone. His first goal was unbelievable. That probably his last football match for a few years as I’d expect he’ll be full time at the soccer from now on.


I got very drunk last night and took today off :pint:


You really turned your whole year around in the last 48 hours after the debacle with the floors and tiles a few months ago.


there an an awful amount of coaching blowhards on here @Brimmer_Bradley @caoimhaoin @Big_Ducky_Moloney etc etc but is @TreatyStones the first TFK man to actually achieve anything in ‘coaching’ offline?



So are all the other coaches in that competition treaty coached in blowhards and failures as well?

Only 1 team wins.

Treaty certainly seems to have a positive approach, but most competitions are won by weight of playing ability, often both genetic, environmental and enhanced by people coaching previous to you.

You do not seem to have a good grasp on what coaching is really about at all yet.


Why would you even reply to him?


Fair point


I’ve two co tittles picked up this year. One as selector and one as manager. In fact I’m in one of the newspapers this week with a team … go searching for it.


I’ve two co tittles picked up this year. One as selector and one as manager. In fact I’m in one of the newspapers this week with a team … go searching for it.

That is some typo for the week that is in it. Fair play.


:joy: well spotted buddy.


I expect to share a sideline with @TreatyStones this autumn. No doubt he’ll be bringing some of his juvenile stars to county development blitz’ and county challenges. We’ll cut the back off of you as we share a cup of tea in Morris pk or the Gaelic grounds or whatever center of excellence we’re attending.



I actually like Jerry.

He is way off in some things he says, but bang on in others.

He forgets his own genetics sometimes though, and modern life has changed.

I coach runners all the time. Without s&c they get injured.
With it they don’t and they run for linger and enjoy it more.

Elite sport is a different kettle of fish.

A d all science points to the fact that s&c speeds up marathon runners.

And swimming made some of the dublin footballers who they are :joy::joy::joy: