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Thanks for the feedback.

The whole thing did probably move too fast for some of these lads. With those sort of numbers it was often an exercise in crowd control more than anything else.

I’ll go with the small hurleys etc again. I’m not convinced about the stronger lads coaching the weaker lads. Even the more mature ones have the concentration span of a goldfish and struggle to tell their left from their right. Having said that it’ll do no harm to give it a try.


Well its more working in pairs. Having a good coach with them who can cajole it along is key. But let them lead a little too if they are able to explain. If they exain it they learn too. Thats the key with using strong kids, there has to be an element of learning for them. Explaining the drill ir game may well be a challenge for them, hence they gain too.
Keep tasks short if concentration is an issue.

Maybe leave impleme ts as a choice then as well. Let lads use small hurleys even as ye move forward. They will want to mive up eventually if they are interested. And if not, you coached. You are not a miracle worker.

But as i say, you can only do so much.


Fair play Kev. Some good ideas there.


My tuppence worth here




Saw Jamie Wall retweeting it earlier and felt it was timely :joy:


Jamie Wall is your go to guy?


“If the child can use the hurl like a sword with one hand, it is about the right weight”

He should credit the master of hurlfighting. CC @mikehunt


Who said that?


Great post.

It’s the number 1 issue in getting kids comfortable with the basic hurling or camogie strokes. You should see some of the weapons that kids turn up with.

Picked up a lovely 20 inch for the 4 year old off Ronan O’deas a few weeks ago. Perfect job.


thats a lovely camann


It should be like a wand.


That’s a lovely wooden spoon.


Ah ya. He is right.
Its not as bad as it used to be but you still see some of it


That wooden spoon wouldn’t break in a clash


How he wasn’t sent off I’ll never know. He clearly denied Johnny a goal scoring opportunity.


Johnny was blackguarded.


He hid his frustration well and nailed the peno to ensure justice was done.


S&C and coaches killing young lads


A fairly nothing lazy article.

Has he some solutions?

Has he fuck.

A large majority of the medical community haven’t a notion what to do.

Thankfully we have people like Eanna Falvey and a few others moving closer to a unified approach.