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15 year olds are not currently eligible to play County Minor.


Exactly. Probably just a simple mistake. Probably a development squad.

I have noted in my tine home development squad players are the worst affected. When i was working out of the ohysio clinic it was a steady stream of lads out the door from develooment squads



Well worth a read. Applies to any sport or coaching.


A lot there that I’d agree with.



Most counties are wasting their time.

Some of the coaches involved with Cork i wouldn’t let near a Junior B team.

And he is also right about inflated ego and respect for clubs


the problem I see with coaches, is that you can make a handy €200 or more per week coaching an adult team, going for say 40 weeks of the year. Whereas a development county squad you would get nothing and be out once or twice a week for maybe 20 to 30 weeks. So straight away you will lose a lot of decent coaches to that. Its not the only factor, but it must be considered as a factor.

I know of one coach in particular who was asked to go with a squad with the ultimate aim of longer progression and minor/senior team down the line at county level. He stated he couldnt commit due to a young family and the time involved. Said coach was recently then announced as a senior coach to a local team (about half hour drive away from him). Said club had been paying a considerable sum to an outside coach last year too who has returned to his home county. I dont blame the coach, he’ll probably end up with close on €10k at the end of the year untaxed which is hard to turn down and at the same time being over a good team.



So legitimise paying coaches and have various levels.

Make coaching badges about coaching and not technical skills.

Watch the whole thing grow.


Dont say we’re not teaching the basics from top down in Laois


Club medal presentation tonight ( 2 x co titles ) great great atmosphere and a few pledges from people to join the committee after a plea for more help from the chairman, also got an inter Co player to help out with the juveniles every few weeks. :ronnyroar:


My under 6s are back this weekend. Due to the cold weather I have shortened the session to 60 minutes. They are the big calls I am not afraid to make at this time of year.


Too long


He’s got to justify his fee.
He’d be called before the academy committee if he was sending lads home after 40 minutes.




It probably is alright but we’re not at Tipp hurler levels of timekeeping and efficiency.


They are only finishing the laps after 40 minutes ffs


Breaking: Reunited in the Dugout once again


What do lads make of the GAA15 warm up ?


Better than nothing but not as good as it could be.

There was no coaches and no s&C involved in designing it. That’s the 1st problem.

They also disregarded many basic common modern issues.

But my biggest issue is its off the shelf and does not educate anyone. Why are we doing this? Why is it in this order etc.

And not every team is the shelf me. It does not allow for varieties I’m age and ability. It’s arguable it’s totally inefficient for a well trained adult team for instance.

But as I say, better than nothing


Coaching session this weekend in Crokes

Niall Corcoran on creating climate for player success and enjoyment
Anthony “Dalo” Daly on games based coaching and Conor Laverty of Down on transition from defence to attack


a former AI winning manager who is a sports injury specialist doctor, a sigerson winning manager and sports scientist lecturer, a former intercounty player and sports medicine doctor, a lecturer specialising in functional movement, physios and other sports science lecturers, as well as research and input from 4 different colleges, which included S&C coaches.

That would seem like a good bit of input and thought went into it. Particularly as they pretty much copied the FIFA 11+ format and modified it for GAA.