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The President, François Rivière, is pleased to announce the official signing for 2 seasons of the opening half, PADDY JACKSON.
PADDY JACKSON (2 seasons)

Paddy Jackson , opening half, signs today a 2 seasons contract with the USAP.

Christian LANTA, Sports Director:

"Paddy JACKSON, in the tradition of the 10 Irish, knows how to put his individual qualities at the service of the collective; confirmed goal scorer, talented lineman, Paddy has to bring to the team his experience of the international level. "


He has more than 88 matches in PRO14 and 34 Champions Cup matches with Ulster ( 877 points scored since 2011).
First international cape with Ireland on February 24, 2013 against Scotland.
He participated in 3 Tournaments of the 6 Nations (2013, 2014 and 2017)
and 1 World Cup (2015), 26 selections with 208 points scored.


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And people said Jackson wasn’t a Perp.

Best wishes to Paddy.

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Good luck to him. I met him once and he seemed like a sound man.

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All the pro-abortionists signing in for Paddy. You couldn’t make it up.

Welcome aboard.

Afraid not, I’m in the ABPTR camp.

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