Olympians/Sports stars You Suspect Are Juiced Up

  1. Ye Shiwen - swimming
  2. Alexander Vinokourov - cycling

All equine members of the Irish Showjumping team

Mickee is back!!!

Locktie and his braces

Ye the Chinese swimmer.

The South Korean archery team.

The chinese gymnast Sunny Dee

All the chinese

Novak Djokovic
Ryan Giggs

Bradley Wiggins

This is a nasty thread.

Surprised you didn’t start it.

A lot of talk about her alright.

Dont they store the blood samples for 4 or 5 years now so they can test later

The ‘B’ samples are held for a long time alright I think.

They announced that some samples from the cycling road race in 2004 tested positive recently. 8 years ago now. Didn’t hear anything more about it, though.

Ryan Giggs.

[quote=“Watch The Break, post: 701461”]

The ‘B’ samples are held for a long time alright I think.[/quote]

They can now be held for 8 years. The top 5 in every event are automatically tested, along with a random selection of others.

Sounds like a load of me piss