Omerta Thread

Has @balbec cracked the whip yet?

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Can you give me the gist of what’s happening here, mate? Really don’t want to enter the Limerick gaa thread.

Galway need a limerick man to manage them and it’s eating them up inside

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Limerick lads can’t handle the truth and have started eating their own children, it’s like a scene straight out of Angelas Ashes

If your boys had any bit of fight in them at all ye’d have at least three all Ireland’s won

The Galway boys like to keep their fighting for after last orders.

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They tried to murder poor joe canning one day and he only doing his best

This is too much:grin::grin:, Limerick buckos reverting to type, I really hope Gillane is videoing all this

The only decent publication from galway is the vouchers booklet for supermacs

The what now?? :eyes:

Limerick have you driven demented mate. We won’t even have 15 next year so I don’t know why you are so worried about us


Alright mate, any truth in the rumour that Ryano threw the punch cos he called him not once, not twice but three times a Ladyboy

Have you apologized to Applecrumbled yet?

Where would a lad get his hand on wan or two of them??

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The man relates EVERYTHING to all things Limerick, id say he made the wife slap him last night and call him Mala.

Usually a hape of them on the floor by the letterbox

The news that Limericks chief franchisee of supermacs has fucked off fat pat is really getting to the Galway lads.

One year of a Galway sports psychologist and this is what happens

Not in the slightest bit true but you have no gra for the truth, this is well known