On the 28th Day of November


Cheers buddy…

The tans left the town of Macroom

I was born on a Dublin street…

A day late but thanks again mate.

They were seated in two crossly tenders,
That were bringing them straight to their doom

Thought thread was about the anniversary of the bail out.

One of these years this thread will take off :shakefist:

Eh do we not have a dedicated thread for this type of thing

Yes we fucking well do

Thanks lads. I’m feeling it this year.

:clap: :guns: :guns: :guns: :guns: :guns: :clap: :ireland:

They were all on the road to Kilmichael
and never expecting to stop,
But they there met the boys from the column,
Who made a clean sweep of the lot

Every year you remember pal, it’s touching !

This year is it. This thread is finally going to reach the dizzying heights it deserves.

Ironic to think that someone remembers this thread and bumps it when @The Runt no longer posts on here. He would be gutted if he knew

Check your PM’s

What’s the song, pal? I didn’t realise there was one with the 28th day of this most noble month…

I fail to see what this has to do with Sport Psychology