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Was that a midweek match? Used to love the intl matches where you’d to tear home from school in time for kick off.

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You did well to be home in time for this kick off time, unless you were in Junior Infants I suppose.


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1:30 on a Wednesday, mad.

Alan McLoughlin, won that ball back to give it to Stan to do his usual “cross from the halfway line” trick. A man who had a lovely habit of doing a job when needed. God rest his soul.

I got the golden ticket from my parents, ie. a signed note to allow me to go home at 1pm that day.

Not quite as golden as a ticket to the match. But at least I saw it, which I did not when we beat the North 3-0 in October '89 which was a 1pm kick-off. I did get the golden ticket for the England friendly in February '95. And what a view of the action I had, South Terrace down the side where it all kicked off.

Poland in May '91 was another 1:30pm kickoff, or was it 2pm. That was the day that cost us qualification.

I’m certain there were nearly mini-riots in the streets when Elverys ran out of tickets for the 1990 England match. You used to be able to just walk in off the street and buy them. But most of Dublin was in the queue.

The gravitas off that Brian Moore/Jimmy Greaves commentary. :heart: ITV used to show all Ireland’s competitive home matches in those days.



13 years ago today. Cheating sack of shit.

17 years since this.


59 years ago. Walter Cronkite was not long after letting a shocked nation know of the untimely passing of JFK.