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From “Hillz takes Florida, all over bar the shouting”…
To “Clinton (note the abandonment of pet name) has to win 65% of the remaining vote in FL, can’t see it now”…

…and that was it for the kid.


His love of Hillary aside, he was a grand fella and a loss to the forum. Pity he fucked off.


He was sorely missed during the Breeders Cup, the cunt knew his American racing.


He was also an expert on Latino culture… hmm





Award-winning journalist and author Michael Foley recounts the extraordinary story of Bloody Sunday in Croke Park and the 90 seconds of shooting that changed Ireland forever. In a deeply intimate portrait he tells for the first time the stories of those killed, the police and military personnel who were in Croke Park that day, and the families left shattered in its aftermath, all against the backdrop of a fierce conflict that stretched from the streets of Dublin and the hedgerows of Tipperary to the halls of Westminster.


17 years ago today, Uaneen left us



On this day in 2015 and 2016, Uaneen Fitzsimons’ untimely passing was marked by other posters on this thread.

This has become a lovely little annual TFK tradition - a second Uaneen Rule, if you like.


23 years ago this was released, I remember where I was the first time I heard it, walking up the western road towards UCC, one of the most talked about records of my lifetime


Was there then, 20 years ago tonight.


Ireland joined the UN on December 14th 1955


Chris Farley the comedy actor died 20 years ago today. 20 fucking years!!!


5 years


20 years

Rat in hell


Whatever happened Michael O’Kane? That was a very concise and well delivered report. I don’t recall him being on RTÉ at all.


Great twitter thread


I think I was in school with her (Ms Gallagher, not the Countess). Then again it mightn’t be her at all as I haven’t seen her in almost 30 years I’d say.