One million reasons to despise Rory McIlroy

  1. His puffy red cheeks
  2. The pubic hair on his head
  3. He supports Man Utd
  4. He’s probably never thrown a punch in his life
  5. His camp accent

A great golfer, a true gent and he’s destined to be Ireland’s greatest sportsman ever

  1. His patronage of Ulllllshter rugby
  1. His mutant head.
  2. His horse faced bird.
  1. The fact that cunts like Lockes worship him
  1. A soup taking cunt
  1. The Santander ads he starred in.
  2. His MBE
  1. The fact that he plays golf
  1. [ATTACH=full]1169[/ATTACH]

The fact that he identifies himself as British despite not being from Britain

Some lads knowledge on here is limited to say the least

He looks like a paedophile

For not been bubba

  1. For selling his soul/talent for money. The greatest sin of all (almost)…

American accent within about a week of going on the us tour is his only crime. Like lads who went on a J1 and spoke for the rest of the year like billclinton.

  1. Shafting that lovely sweet girl who stuck by him during his even uglier than he is now teenage years.
  1. He’s a hun
  2. He sings the sash
  3. He hates Bobby Sands
  4. He’s against Scottish independence
  5. He looks like a chicken curry that has been left in the fridge for 5 days.