Online films

Wheres the best place to watch/download films online?


any particular film you’re looking for ?

No not really… just for future reference

download a torrent client like u totrrent, vuze or bit torrent

google the name of the film with torrent at the end

eg batman returns torrent

look for the one with the highest number of seeds and DL it and then open it and bobs yer uncle in a coupe of hours

Sound for that Art. will try them out

I still a luddite with the DVDs to be honest, is the virus threat a real one Art? Or is it just bluff from the greedy corporate filth?

Bluff. Torrents are grand, stay clear of Limewire etc. Get youself a decent 1TB external hard drive and store as much as you want on it., surfthechannel, and megavideo are all good for watching stuff online. If it’s downloading you’re into get a Rapidshare account. I can’t emphasise enough how much better it is than pricking around with torrents.