Opinion: Robbie Keane

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Based on his international and club career.

He didn’t make any of Giles dunphy or bradys all time irish teams. Definitely underrated. A couple of them picked Stapleton ahead of him. Robbie had matched Frank’s total of 19 goals by the time he was about 21 I’d say.

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Best we’ve ever had in a green jersey.
68 goals.
For the Republic of Ireland.
That’s the crucial but. Usually cunts will roll out the ‘who did he score them against, only penalties against small teams’ and these cunts are to be dismissed as such with the reply, ‘look who he fuckin scored them for, you dumb cunt’.

A phenomenon, we will never see his like play for us again.


Off the top of my head he also scored crucial goals in competitive games vs Germany Spain France Holland Croatia italy and in the play off v Iran and in the finals v Saudi Arabia.
He was a little bit annoying to look at which leads to him being underrated.

Underrated even by myself sometimes. You only have to look at our goal scoring record since he left

Frank Stapleton was better. Robbie was a great finisher.

His record will never be broken