Orange stick Championships - Antwerp 2013 and London 2018


20 mins to go here in the second half and we ( 32 county Ireland) are drawing 1-1 with Holland.
The ladies team had a 3-2 win over Belarus earlier
i was made aware of the existence of this tournament after Jacqui Hurley handed over to David Metcalf at HT during the hurling today where he provided a report of the proceedings.
@Sidney could you please debrief the forum on this tournament?
currently live on eurosport


Is the great Darren Sweetnam participating in this Mickee.


David Metcalf. :clap:

Great to have The Wexford People journalist reporting from the championships.


[quote=“Bandage, post: 819169, member: 9”]David Metcalf. :clap:

Great to have The Wexford People journalist reporting from the championships.[/quote]

I believe you’ll find he’s primarily an Enniscorthy Guardian journo


Sky are all the games of the World Cup. It’s on in The Hague and they have converted the football stadium into a hockey ground for the tournament. Have watched some of the games and they’ve been excellent.


Please inform us if the Netherlands ladies team is playing.


Tonight at half six



Beats the shite out of Kilkenny beating Offaly by 30 points.


Ashley Jackson’s England currently 3-0 down against the Aussies in the 1st half. Being completely outplayed. Jamie Dwyer is a fair yoke for the Aussies.


Ireland v England in the European championships on live at the minute. England need to win to progress. A draw sends Ireland through.


I hope England stuff the West Brits


3 former Irish internationals in the England squad.


Ah lads.


At least these lads had the balls to go and become what they wanted - unlike the gutless qusilings playing for West Britain.


1-0 Ireland. First attack.


Lovely stuff :clap:


Half time. Ireland still 1-0 up. England look out of ideas so far after a bright opening 10 minutes. Ireland giving them plenty of it and full value for their lead. It’s a really young Irish side with one player having played for the U18’s only recently.


1-1. David Harte got a touch to it. Disappointing goal to concede but a draw is still enough to go through.


Ten minute yellow for Ireland. England piling the pressure on.


What quarter is it in?