Orange stick Championships - Antwerp 2013 and London 2018


Why? The hockey crowd are happy to sweat their facilities and see people getting active. Fair play to them


St Enda’s was a hockey meca at one time.


Who would you consider the top clubs?


Pike, The Boro, Fairview - the clubs with pubs :smiley: :smiley:


it was out in East Cork bud.


Did you ever train on a hockey pitch mate, you seem well travelled in Junior/intermediate soccer, a bit like myself, nearly every club I played for including FAI intermediate winners used hockey facilities sometimes



When would that have been?


I played hockey in UL.
Well more specifically in College Court. I took a hockey stick from a neighbouring house and drove a ball through a window across the road.


Did you keep the stick down?


I did of course. Midleton used to train on the hockey field in the protestant school


2000/2001 around.


The only club I played for that didn’t :crazy_face:
We used to train in that patch next to the dressing rooms under shitty lights, up and down those banks all night


Did you play in the u20s national league that came in around then ?


I togged out for UL/Aisling Anacotty in that.


It’s a trap…


Our paths surely crossed so.


I dropped it and ran


maybe, I was small, slow and useless but I had a fierce belt off a ball


did you play against Glasgow Celtic out in UL?


one nil hill?

Cunt of a thing