Other International Football Test Matches This Week

Did anyone read Terry Butcher’s quotes online or in the press ahead of Scotland-Argentina tomorrow night about how he’s never forgiven, or will ever forgive, Maradona for ‘Hand of God’ and how he hasn’t decided yet if he’ll shake his hand tomorrow night? I doubt Maradona even knows or cares who he is.

6 Celtic players are in the squad after a period of 9 club games in 23 days and only 6 days before an away CL tie in Aalborg. I presume Strachan’s been in touch with Burley to demand they don’t play the full game.

England are in Germany for a friendly and I see John Delaney’s today announced that he hopes England will be one of the first visitors to the new Landsdowne Road.

All in all, friendlies are fairly pointless in the midst of such a busy club schedule with players pulling out of squads in big numbers and Capello seemed to have been particularly annoyed by Gerrard’s withdrawal and demanded that he report to the English camp for assessment on his injury even after his club had indicated he was injured and wouldn’t be travelling.

Oh for fuck sake, talk about making a complete tit of yourself.

I’m sure Maradona is on his knees every evening praying for forgiveness

I love it how English harp on about that goal, but conveniently forget in the same game Maradona beat the whole team whilst scoring one of the best goals ever seen.

Is Hinkel in the German squad? Think I read that he is. Probably a bit soon on the basis of his return to form but he is playing better recently.

Tevez’s mother is obviously scouting for the new regime… She went to watch her son training at Carrington…



Yep, Hinkel’s in the German squad alright, along with a couple of players from Hoffenheim.

See Maradona was questioned about Butcher’s comments at the press conference at the pre-match press conference earlier.

He said, “England won a World Cup with a goal that never crossed the line, so it’s not fair that people should judge me.”

Then he said, “I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. If Butcher doesn’t shake my hand, I’ll still be alive tomorrow.”

Brazil vs Portugal in Brasilia in the early hours of Thursday morning. With Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson involved in this they are unlikely to start for United on Saturday. I thought Brazil played their friendly games at the Emitrates anyway.

FFS, and I’m only after buying Ronaldo and made him capt of my FFL team! Coooont!

Barry Robson has pulled out of the Scotland squad after straining his groin in training yesterday, while Theo Walcott dislocated his shoulder in England training.

Norway away to the Ukraine. Can’t see anything but a home win. Norwegian season is over since 2 weeks ago. Think the cup final was on Sunday week last.

Was just emailed this picture of Carlos Tevez and his Mam at the Man Utd training ground

thats great mac, but why are you telling us about emails of pictures that hangblaa posted yesterday

Because its fairly obvious I never read the whole thread before posting it. Jesus Gman, do I have to explain everything for you?! :slight_smile:

sorry mac, I’m a bit slow on the uptake today. apologies, I’ll try keep up next time :slight_smile:

are you heading out for celebratory drinks Friday? 8)

[quote=“Gman”]sorry mac, I’m a bit slow on the uptake today. apologies, I’ll try keep up next time :slight_smile:

are you heading out for celebratory drinks Friday? 8)[/quote]

Aye, I am indeed. A full weekend of it if you happen to be around the capital? The book of faces never lies it seems.

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nah, saving the sponds for oz. sure the walsh cup will be around again soon and the new season under way, must sort out proper sessions then. hopefully the leinster hurling will be in provincial grounds rather than mickey mouse crowds in croke park.

I see Ronaldo is on the verge of admitting defeat and ending his career at 32. sad ending for a great career.

Serbia and Bulgaria is on tonight too, and will be interesting to see who italy use in their game against Greece.

Kun Aguero has returned to Spain because his prenant missus is gone into hospital.

Can you imagine him having the conversation with Maradona…

'You the little hottie I’m banging? Your daughter? Yeah? Well, I got her up the duff and now she’s in hospital. Can I give the friendly a miss?

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Bellers just got a belting winner for Wales in Denmark. Great player this guy.