Other Sports

A thread to log lesser known sports and ask the question, could it take off here in Ireland.

Olympic Handball

Here watching it on the telly and can’t understand why it’s not popular in Ireland.

  1. Indoor sport - perfect for us
  2. Eye/ball coordination needed - check
  3. Tall players required - check
  4. A football type game played with the hands - see GAA football



We used to play it in p.e. fierce craic

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Domestic Soccerball


Rugby league

  • already have pitches and posts
  • many irish parents seem to already think concussions are a myth
  • far superior to its dishwater dull ugly sister
  • open to all, not just people who have group sex with biscuits


Dodgeball. Plenty of Irish people adept at dodging, ducking, dipping and dodging. And the greatest player of all time is already an Irishman

That’s enough

Played it in school. Paddy Kelly’s wife was the PE teacher.

Did you ever set that Netball on Sky Sports. Christ it must be the worst “sport” imaginable.

It’s not a sport though mate

Why not mate?

Throw me a like there too will ya. Im two off a very unexpected nicer

Edit :cheers @glenshane

That’s alright, even if I’m ambivalent about rugby league

No form of Rugby is a sport. That’s just a scientific fact.

Ah, tag rugby??

There’s not a man alive who doesn’t want to play with bows and arrows. Traditional field archery- some lad won a world title with one of these:

Limerick and Ireland’s Pa O’Dwyer finished second in Britain’s Strongest Man yesterday, guaranteeing qualification for this years worlds strongest man comp.