Other World Cup 2022 Qualifiers


Big Eck. :clap:

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I’ve never heard of any of the back four but apart from that it didn’t even look like it was that bad a Scotland team

Scott Tominay couldn’t even get into that Scotch team :joy::joy::joy:

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He shored things up when he came on for the last twenty minutes.

As far as I’m aware, the winners of Nations League A (the finals of which are this summer, involving England) are NOT rewarded with a place in the finals of Euro 2020.

I could be completely wrong on that but that is my current understanding of the situation.

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Piatek left on the bench for Poland

Cyprus 5 (five)
San Marino 0
Final score from the GSP stadium in nicosia

I’d imagine there’s an Italian on here who loved that Russian goal :rofl:

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Jaysus Pandev is still turning out for (North) Macedonia

Yes and he has a team in their premier league called Akedemia Pandev as well .
Pretty timeless player
I see alijoski from Leeds scored

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0 0 Haifa or “ha-yafa” that literally means beauty

How is Ilicic doing?

He is having some season in Serie A this year.

Ireland take the lead .

WTF? I thought the game was this weekend?

What channel?

Haven’t a clue kid .

An inexplicably popular gambit on TFK for referring to one of the non-sovereign “nations” who are permitted to participate in international football.

The 5 British entities, the Faroe Islands and Belgium.

That pathetic old shit … :rollseyes:

You handicapped cunt.