Other World Cup 2022 Qualifiers

The jockos are kicking off at 3pm in Kazakhstan. Robertson out due to a dental appointment. Tierney out as he’s looked injured since coming back from a 10 week injury. Some other lads out as they won’t/can’t play on the artificial surface. 4 Celts in the starting XI and they’re captained by Callum McGregor.

Aside from the 4 Celtic players I would struggle to know who the other lads are. Who is Oli McBurnie?

@Sidney, @Big_Dan_Campbell, @mickee321 et al, I’m embarrassed at not knowing this but I’d like you to explain how the Nations League and the qualifiers work in tandem.

I know there’s 4 Euro places for the winners of each individual section - A, B, C and D. Now I know the section A semi finals and final are being played in June. But am I correct in thinking the other sections aren’t being finalised until later on so as not to compromise the integrity of these qualifiers? Is the elite section A being finished early for some specific reason?

And tell me this, the jockos won one of the 4 groups within section C so I read that it guarantees them a play-off game. How does this link with finishing out section C and the forthcoming qualifiers?

Israel are playing Slovenia later in Haifa
i will provide a concise match report
Predictions are impossible for obvious reasons as one cannot gauge if the momentum from the autumn has been maintained post the 4 month gap

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you know something i was undergoing the same thinking process this morning
ill need to dig up an old post

Some orange cunt who plays in the English championship. He’s one of these childhood Sevco supporters who refuses to join any pre match team huddle as he associates it with the Celtic huddle.

Bates left Sevco and joined Hamburg on a pre contract last summer. McKenna is the Aberdeen centre back and has been linked with Celtic and likes of Stoke and Middlesboro. Shinnie is Aberdeen captain and plays centre mid for them, but is filling in for the absent left backs. I’ve never heard of Palmer. McGinn is the future according to @Cicero_Dandi.

Assumed he was Northern Irish, good to know. Cicero has a keen eye for talent.

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Kazakhstan lead

2 nil now to the Kazakh’s fucking hell

The Scotch are tremendous fun in international football


Kazakhstan is an extremely difficult place to go and get a result at international level. It made the hysteria from the Irish media ever more hard to understand when Ireland scraped a win there under Trap.

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I love seeing them beat .



stupid bastards.

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Cunts are already guaranteed a play off sure.

They will shit their togs when it matters kid .

Like the Irish rubby team - you can bank on it.

Israel’s attacking talent is quite impressive - you’d wonder if they actually got their act together could they do something

  • Dabbur - cant stop scoring at RBS and joining Sevilla
  • Solomon - now signed with Shaktar and very highly rated
  • Saba and Zehavi - both scoring very frequently at Guangzhou R/F
    Hemed has regressed a bit and is in the championship doldrums at QPR but is a decent player also

Ofir Marciano will be starting tomight cc @Bandage
His Mrs, is most impressive and per twitter is enjoying the Scottish lifestyle

North Macedonia as opposed to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia are playing Latvia in Skopje later

3-0 Kazakhstan now