Outstanding headlines

Water firm in hygiene row facing liquidation

Gordon Ramsay TV chef drowns in Hudson

Although completely misleading.

From the front page of todays Star:

“Nobody Gave Ecstasy to Disco Kangaroo”

I bet roo look good on the Dancefloor


Was that in a paper?

No-the usual email stuff that goes around

The club was hopping…


Yours etc,

Seven inches is enough, RIM tells Jobs


Village terrorised by Termin-otter

Also good

Eminem strangles girlfriend and kills himself in shocking video

German ‘witch’ pronounced innocent… after 385 years

(if she gave personal testimony they might want to reconsider).

How Flying Robots Might Prevent Deforestation

All credit to Balls.ie

Young Boys Wankdorf erection relief

Balls.ie do it again

That’s absolutely superb :lol:

Did balls.ie not just post a screen grab from some other site rather than make it up themselves?

By do it again I meant found an outstanding headline.

Sorry for any confusion caused.

That’s cat in fairness. Sid would be embarrassed by that.

“Murder On Gdansk Floor” - The Irish Sun on Friday morning.