Outstanding headlines


Cc @briantinnion


I would love to spend a weekend with her.


I suppose that puts an end to any chance of their differences being reconsoiled ??


The shit may have hit the fan on that one.


It was always liable to get messy.


Maybe she was only taking the piss?


Hard to know. I wonder is she living in the house as a squatter now?


“i’d ate that”

is what @thedancingbaby would’ve said


Has there every been one of those Hollywood blind gossip things done on here? I’m sure there would be some great stories.


What’s a Hollywood blind gossip, pal?


I think the site was called Hollywood Days and Nights. It was rumoured to be Robert Downey Jnr who was author. Had a load of stories up about various celebrities with pseudonyms. I’ll try to dig some of it out. Some great stuff on it.

LA is some spot.


Popbitch is a good British one. It broke the Jimmy Saville story months before it went mainstream.




That’s quality art right there flatty. Would you think of bidding on it for the missus.?


It would look lovely in the garden.


It would be like having you staring in the window


You ok hun?