Outstanding headlines


12 inches, I hope that tower was more durable when it got to high temperatures.


"The lurid purple sex aid cost £48 and was a mammoth 12 inches long. "

Did she get it in time for transfer deadline day?


Wasn’t sure where to put this

Deputy principal ‘a victim of revenge porn’ after naked images circulated by students


I got the video … it’s too big to upload i’d say.


Is there any fucking subject or thing on here that you’re not shiteing on about and spamming thread with, with your predictable glib dumb comments, sticking your thick nose into.
You must really really have a sad existence.


a newly wed whos knocking out nearly a hundred posts a day. tells its own story…


well said. the incessant posting of shit on every topic is a big big problem for the site. hundreds and hundreds of posts per day. . i wouldnt mind but the chap has a dog and a cat who probably crave attention from him but he is too busy posting porn videos at 3pm of a friday afternoon to get a small bit of attention for himself


We have Brimmer the sites biggest attention seeking spoofer giving out - the same lad who’s pretend daughter is being pretend bullied for looking like a pig? - he’d do well to spend more time with her increasing her confidence instead of drinking on his own in the middle of the day.

The slap head who’s family are all dying from being around his poisonous hateful outlook on life.

And the site’s aids victim who has admitted to raping his wife and lives on a diet of Donegal catch and gravy…

I have em seething all the same… i’m winning when this calibre of person is hopping.


stage 9 there pal.

i’d say its not long now before your missus looks for a nullity, considering as you haven’t consummated the marriage


My marriage is fine mate. Keep throwing darts tho, eventually you’ll hit something.


100 posts a day, I doubt it pal

that’s not counting your social media either


I post 88% of my posts in work, mate. Keep firing those darts …


Congratulations kid looks like it was worth logging on the internet to day


id say the people get well pissed off waiting for their coffee while youre posting


Not at all — I have the floors/counters cleaned and cups washed in 5 minutes also. I then have 45 mins every hour to post endlessly to my hearts content.




There’s something amiss alright.


id say the wife wants to go back to being a miss :smiley:


two lads who openly hate their spouses and whatever art is, giving marriage advice.

You literally couldn’t make it up


even john Christie would be in a position to tell mousey to spend less time on here and more with his new bride.