Outstanding headlines


You couldnt make it up … clearly Brimmer isnt even married and neither does he have kids. No one that deranged could… He actively makes stories up to get into pretend ‘battles’ on the internet :rofl: A grown man making up stories to get a few likes or comments smacks of someone leading a very lonely life. Drinking on his own on a midweek day just confirms it. It’s tragic reading really.

@hbv’s aids medication plays havoc with his moods.

Art is just getting old and cranky.


Ah lad. Got called into the school Wednesday morning, the eldest one is being picked on by a gang of ner do wells.
Anyhow, the principal & class mentor/teacher guy reckons … it because… in the mentors words
“ a tall good looking girl like that, that plays for her county in several sports* is bound to attract a lot of jealousy and attempted bullying”.
His words, we all love our own, but by fuck I was stoked to hear that from her school. She’ll also sort the bully’s herself with minimal assistance from the school.

*camogie & ladies Gaelic.


I think it’s important that she can talk to you and tell you what’s going on if she’s being bullied… that’s an important lesson she needs to learn if she hasnt already. But I also agree with the old school way of standing up for yourself and smacking the bastards right in the mouth… it’s another lesson that will stand to her… A balance between both would be great for you and her.


Believe it or not the school authorities were actually hinting about sorting it herself. Not sure if they meant a few digs but I’ve told her to work away. She’d handle any of them one on one. Still not sure I want her fighting on the streets though.
Anyhow can’t believe I’m having a civil chat with you. You dirty cunt.


She only has to sort one of em really…Who ever the hard chaw is… I suppose it’s different with women, they use psychological warfare so while she might be able to handle herself physically she should destroy your wan in public too to really discredit her.

You wanker.


There’s one girl singled out already, by the school and my daughter, she used to stay in our house last year !!
My daughter had no time for her and hanging out at the chipper this year so she’s turned on her. Sure my one would maul her in a scrap. We’re half encouraging her to grab her up by the throat and challenge her on school grounds and we’ll see what happens, she’ll get no hassle at home if she does, and we got the feeling she won’t get much in the school either.
Girls are proper little cunts.

Edit. All your kids will ever play is the welfare system.


I hope this is a joke. You need to be training your daughter to be an evil, conniving, backstabbing, bitch politician. Those are the skills that will get her ahead in the workplace.


Nah. If she’s going to do anything let her do it out in the open, the authorities know she’s being blackguarded since sept she’s told them she’s sick and tired of it and wants to sort them herself.
One good slap would send them all running.


I’d be more worried the principal/mentor/teacher guy told you your daughter was good looking.



Kick her in the fanny



Ah lovely.

There was a headline in one of the rags over here this morning
“snooker ace’s wife goes potty”
Not sure what it was about.



Usually it’s STD-riddled dollybirds that invade the homes of Premier League stars


Is it just footballers wives they go for?



That book will be a great counterbalance to TFK misogyny .