Outstanding Rants

Top class @backinatracksuit :clap:

I appear to have jumped the gun he wasnt done

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You can speak from the floor in the direction of my ivory tower.

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I googled this "Christian Morris " fella, as going by the tone of the letter this was unlikely this was his first attempt at being a public crusader.

He seems like an interesting* character.

  • Given his history of suing people I felt this was the most appropriate description.


:sweat_smile: Giving out about the lack of hotels in Sutton and he going around suing them


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Jaysus :smile:

Does he represent himself ?

At what point could someone apply for an isac wunder? (Is that what it’s called?)

Does that mean he sued the hotel in Sutton three times or is that the same thing just different parts or whatever

Mr Morris consented to the Superquinn cases being struck out and gave an undertaking to the court that he would not sue the store again without permission of the president of the Circuit Court.

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I think we should refer to him as Christy Maurice from now on he strikes me as the type who googles himself

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Depends on the circumstances, but normally after 5 or 6 trips to the SC with not a half chance of a case

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Looks that way.

3 different record numbers so 3 separate cases may well be the same thing 3 times but started afresh

Got a circuit Isaac wunder

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RNLI seem very slow to distance themselves from this character.



He fairly accurately summed up Malahide there.


5% correct - 95% mental?