Overheard in Dublin

You’re probably aware there’s a website where people post what they overhear in Dublin on public transport, in the pub etc. I thought we could do with a similar thread on tfk.

Was on the bus this morning and this pure D4 girl with her legs and feet up on the seat, thereby taking up two seats exclaims loudly “the tan on my knees is totally disappearing.” She followed this with “oh it’s like 18 a bottle.” And then the real gem was, “I haven’t two cents to rub together.” Of course you don’t love you’re 14 ffs.

Another one involved me yesterday. Was over in the client’s in a packed lift. Twas myself, a colleague and a load of the client’s staff. He says “ah jesus me back’s done in.” I replied “how’d you do that.” “Ridin’” he says. We both erupted when everybody emptied out of the lift. The chap has a history of that kind of thing.

Class, I hope that wasn’t over here CC.