Paddys that Clarkey would cut

On a recent trip to follow the boys in green i had the please of @ClarkeyCat 's company.
While the trip overall was enjoyable it was noticeable how what @Bandage referred to as the Bonhomie between Irish fans quickly dissipated as the French result sunk in and the hangovers kicked in. Clarkey who had always had a moody, seething, dark underbelly became to verbalise his disassociation from other Irish fans. He began compiling a list of types of Paddys that he would cut. He invites others to add to this list.

Prominent on his list were:

‘Paddy who wears rugby tops to the Euros’

‘Paddy who wears civilian style regular clothes to the match, eg some fucker wore a brown t shirt with the name of a pub in dingle on it.’

‘Paddy who wears GAA jerseys to the game’. it was tolerated to wear them on the trip but not on game day.

‘paddy who wants a sing song at the airport on the way home’


It might be easier to ask clarkey for a run down of permissible attire for a soccerball match both at home and abroad.
Also please inform @ClarkeyCat that, having opined that it is acceptable to wear a tipp, Mayo, or cark (for example) 100% nylon bin liner whilst strolling along the champs d’elysee, his credibility on this is in the toilet.

paddy that sings willie mcbride

paddy who likes the nordies

Clarkey used to be very vocal about how he hated Paddys who wore runners with their suits.

Until he decided to do so himself.