Not only did the big man pop the question but I believe he did it on the date his better half had a Padjo Jr II. Many Congrats mate :clap: :pint: :clap: :pint: :clap:


congrats big man

Congrats mate. :clap:

Well done padjo pal.

Still though, Mac is one sick creep to stalk people like this. Fucking weirdo.

Good on you Padjo old sport.

Hold on.

They weren’t married before the kid was born?

Oh dear.

I see Padjo is online now - not sure if he ever saw this thread :clap:

Nice one Padjo mate :clap:

Cheers :pint:

Mac you fooking stalker :guns:

Blame JC you ungrateful cunt :guns: :pint: :pint:

i’d guessed it was scalder alright

FFS - don’t be telling lads Scalders real initials are JC - he’ll be getting phone calls at all hours of the night from lads on here now :angry:


Well done Padjo.

Well played Padjo.

On a related note, why is there no TFK Father’s Group set up yet?

Bumping this thread to deflect attention from other threads is sad, even for you Mac.