Paris Olympics 2024

I watched Under Paris on Netflix recently and it would make me seriously question the city’s ability to host the Olympics

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Certainly question their ability to make a film.

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In general that sounds like a very good news story tbh.


Luke McCann, Cathal Doyle (both 1500m), Eric Favors (Shot Putt), Nicola Tuthill (Hammer) all get into the Olympics based on their ranking. Tom Barr and Sophie Becker will have to wait a few days to see if anyone doesn’t take up a place for them to get in.

Cathal Lombard, by God. There is a blast from the past.

Fair play to him for the text re the final paragraph. When its too good to be true, it usually is.

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17 days out

I’m halfway through Sprint on Netflix. It’d fairly get you in the mood for the dash events.

Any idea what a training week would look like for the likes of Adeleke?

Probably 3 hard days 3 easy days and a day off. She could be training 5 hours a day on hard days. Warm ups intervals of varying lengths depending on goal weights technical stuff like starts cool down and she’d get through five hours easy. Get faster get stonger don’t get injured.


Why is coverage of Wiffen so low key? He’s barely been mentioned since his world championship wins. Would there be “doubts”?

Hugo Keenan

Fuck off


As usual our boxers will be our best bet for medals.

Would the Olympics be bigger for older generations ? I think there’s so much sport on now I’m not sure it’s a big deal.

I couldn’t name one medal winner from 2020 outside of kellie Harrington.

I probably won’t watch this time around. I could be all wrong but I think if you’re on that podium you are most likely cheating.

I love the Olympics. I prefer when it’s in a different timezone and you get hooked on random events late into the night.


Ya I see that with fellas on here but I wouldn’t come across much chat outside of here.

Ariana Titmouse

The participants generally won’t have profiles outside of the Olympics themselves for the majority of people - unless you are big into swimming, rowing, dressage etc you are not really going to know a whole pile about those involved, so the build up tends to be low key. The hype around our runners at the moment might drive a bit of an exception.

If you have nothing else to be doing and can actually sit down and watch a few hours of it though it always makes for fascinating tellyvision when it’s on. Watching fellas above on the pommel horse would be peak Olympics.

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Double silver medallist Siobhán Bernadette Haughey is going again for Hong Kong again in the swimming.

I hope Charlie’s grand niece’s drugs test doesn’t come back as a FINA Fail.