Paudie Maher/Tom Daley

Both divers, both British, both underachievers at their sports highest level, both have boyfriends. Only one doesnt believe in personal hygiene? Can you guess who??

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That’s Pádraic Maher to you dipship


Correct! Watch your spelling woolie

Ouch :grin:

And only one of them is going to beat the shit out of Galway tomorrow

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Paudie is a decent sort.


His tattoo is ridiculous

Ye made the most of that win, losing to an awful Kilkenny team in the final

It is. He has it years though (it also spells his name Padraig strangely) but I suppose it demonstrates the love for his mother who raised him single handedly for a number of years

Ah you’ve to lose one (or in Galway’s case five or six) to win one.

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Why not just get ‘Helen’ so

I didn’t ask him that.

Might have been two fingers to his father ?

Strange if it is

Wouldn’t think it that strange tbh. The family is very much the three of them. It’s a strange tattoo alright but I wouldn’t be into them myself

Totally irrelevant, I felt I had to draw attention to your terrible prediction. Again.

In fairness they were three great semis between 15-17. A point deciding each game. Some great hurling in all the matches.

They were but im vexed we didn’t win in 16 and could have done so if Joe and tuohy didn’t go off. ye capatilised of course. Three cracking games three of the best in the past ten years, quality manly stuff no systems of shite. Id say sheedy would like to beat us this year just to left nothing unsaid.

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best of luck to him, he had a decent run at it.