Pelanty Points

If I nominate someone living in the UK for my penalty points (assuming they agree) and they are from New Zealand and don’t have an Irish driving licence, are there any repercussions for me or her?

I’m not saying yay or nay here but I will say no.

No but you will have to go to court with nominated person and both of you to say in front of the judge that it was the nominated person. An ex-colleague who was moving to the UK was going to take the rap for me on my company car as I had 8 points at the time but I was told by the Garda that this was the scenario as too many people were trying to do it. That was about 3.5 years ago so don’t know if it has changed.

That’s very strange. My mate would have to come over from the UK? I’ll just take the points. Feck it.

How many points you get mate? For Speeding? Camera van?

I hope you weren’t one of the cunts whinging about gardai deleting penalty points last week

Was there not a loop hole in the system where judges were throwing these cases out of court? Someone must have availed of it or know a Garda in the know.

Help Clarkey ye fuckers.

Ya that’s what I did-clearly their cunning plan is working. If you know a Garda ask him if that’s still the case, but it definitely was 3 or 4 years ago. Ronan O’Gara might be able to help you out on that one.

You are so completely and utterly wrong there it’s unbelievable, Also it is my experience that Gardaí tend to know nothing about the law so the ass clown that told you that is a mong.

Cunts like you sicken me. Perjurer. I hope you do a stretch for it.

Shur why don’t you tell the chap what he needs to do so? I’m only trying to help the man out and, as far as I know, what I’ve told him is correct. There were too many people just nominating other people to take their points so they clamped down on it. I had to take the points at the time and I know of others who had to do the same. I would be very surprised if Clarkey can get these points passed onto a kiwi living in the UK without a day in court.

The Gardaí and Irish court system can’t go around demanding that you present a foreigner in court. I suppose they could start extradition proceedings to get a hold of people in foreign countries but that shit ain’t happening for fuckin penalty points.

P.s. GardaĂ­ know nothing.

Serial moaner and Mick Wallace’s friend Claire Daly TD was on Matt Cooper whinging about this again tonight.

The whistle blowing prick who reported this means that ordinary people who got off penalty points in the past (and not just well known celebrities) won’t be able to get off in the future now. Something like 950,000 penalty points offences last year which is a crazy amount for such a small country. If a few ordinary decent people (I don’t include O’Gara in this) who have never been in trouble in their lives got off in the past then fair play to them.

No way of getting off in future now. Never been as many cars on the road and there has been a continual reduction in the number of people killed on the roads (thankfully) but the scare mongering will continue from the likes of Noel Brett, Gay Byrne and Conor Faughnan.

What a load of shite.

Eh you didn’t say how they can force you to produce the person who you say was driving the car?

Speed limits and compulsory car insurance violate my need for speed. They violate my freedom.

So what you’re saying is you love freedom?

Depends. I prefer the George Michael version to the Robbie Williams version.

The Gardai are not demanding anything. Clarkey would have to appeal the fine and points. Up to 3 or 4 years ago, this was straightforward but too many people were trying Clarkey’s cunning trick so they clamped down on it and you now have to go to court to do it. So Clarkey asks his friend to accompany him to court and say that it was in fact he who was driving Clarkey’s car. The judge says fine and Clarkey’s points and fine are given to his friend.

If Clarkey turns up on his todd and says it wasn’t me it was my kiwi friend in the UK, the judge says go on outta that you little scamp and his appeal is turned down i.e it is up to Clarkey to prove that he wasn’t driving the car. They will not be extraditing anyone to help prove Clarkey’s case for him.

Was this speeding ticket issued by Garda patrol or by a speed van?

My guess if it was a speed van is that they won’t have evidence still on record if it was a good while ago, claim in court that your pretty sure you were somewhere else on the day in question. Claim they must of picked up the wrong car and ask for photographic evidence. I would be fairly confident they won’t be able to produce it if the offense took place last year for example.