Penalty Shoot-Out Alert

England v Argentina.

England win a shoot-out.

Fucking hell.

Unlucky sid mate.

I just flicked on in time to see some Carlton Palmer lookalike win it for England.

The young Chelsea centre back came forward, like John Terry in Moscow. But the result was different this time. The Argentina keeper saved England’s third penalty but the English keeper made two excellent saves from their third and fourth efforts. Then came the lumbering centre back to dispatch it to the top corner.

I expect some of those English players to be signed for £15 million on the back of scoring a penalty before completely flopping, seeing their career all washed up by the age of 23 and blowing their money on a gambling, cocaine and hookers habit by the age of 27.

Sickening stuff for us but we do have bigger fish to fry these days, starting tomorrow.

England keeper redeemed himself after a horrendous mistake to gift Argentina the opening goal. England play Germany in the quarter finals on Sunday.

bandage, you are the oddest bloody nut job i have ever had the pleasure of laughing at on an internet DB.

there you are sitting up under your celtic duvet ordering chinese to the bed sit and furiously channel hopping and net surfing to find out what useless has been or never going to be is being linked with green corporation united and balthering on about under 17 shoot outs between 17 year olds while having a pop of me for going to see under 18 hurlers from my own county play.

are you a hypocrit, a retard or some weird green clad mixture of the two.

Were you chatting to any men from England or Germany about the quarter final pal?

miserable, miserable effort altogether. the feeble nature of the response has me leaning towards the retard conclusion. try to come back with some tiny element of wit so you can reclaim your good name as a hypocrit.

Christ, this simpleton’s lack of self awareness is a comical joy to behold. Keep talking to those men and keep fighting the good fight to get those tidbits of information to separate you from other weirdos that are equally determined to have the inside track on boys’ hurling.

as distinct for the ones drooling over penalty shoot outs on the televison involving boys.

the lack of self awareness comment followed by the tidbits of information is wonderful altogether particualrly in the light of this topic

but i absolutely love this one

Morten Rasmussen is the subject of a bid from Aarhus according to sources close to me.

sources close to you know what the management teams of celtic and aarhus are planning to do with a player do they?

why dont you just stick to your paedo insinuations, at least when you were at that you didnt have to do much thinking and you came across as a scumbag rather than a thick scumbag

It was actually my old mate Kent Nielsen over at Aarhus who gave Bandage the inside track here, he said it was the least he could do for the forum after me publicly touting him for the Villa job on here

Not going into why I’m aware of this but BBC2 is showing women’s WC QF between England and France which has just ended 1-1 and shootout about to start.

This thread will be very useful as time evolves.

The goalkeepers look like 1990s computer game simulations. They’re running and diving beyond the post.

John Tery misses and England go out.

The English captain is some munter

That was hilarious and class. What about the England keeper running along the line instead of diving? :lol:


england teams never fail to disapoint when it comes to penaltys

The old reliable ‘you can’t practice penalties’ line was used again.

Why train or practice for any match or sport or event EVER then?