Penalty Shoot-Out Alert


The Liverpool fanboys take the biscuit.




The lads who are glued to the friendly matches, yourself and a few others I’d say


You gimpy cunt… I’m watching a doc on state aided murder in British occupied Ireland.


What’s it to you fuckwit?


No need to be narky with me because you’re jet lagged.


Nothing whatsoever mate, hope you enjoyed the shoot out as much as possible, they’re so nerve racking when the team you support is in them that I wouldn’t be able to myself.
I’ll try to catch the highlights later if I can avoid hearing the result on RTE news.


I’ll watch whatever British franchise i like.


+1. Some weirdo was on the Liverpool thread last night hailing an “excellent result”. Think it was the young @balbec lad in Poland.


Can’t remember that to be honest but if it makes you feel better work away.


Bayern and Dortmund live on BT sports 2, German super cup.


Charity Shield has gone to penos.


The what?


Nice peno from Gary Cahill there


Arsenal take two penos in a row, I’m hating this new system already. Courtois then balloons one over the bar.


UCD U19s have drawn 3-3 on aggregate with Molde in the UEFA Youth League. Penalty shoot out starting shortly.

Must be some atmosphere in the Forum.


Any updates on this Brian?




Lost 5-4. Gutted. A great bunch of lads.


Man city v Wolves on sky sports news now.