Penalty Shoot-Out Alert

I’m enjoying this.

The shite Spanish referee from the Argentina Holland match in the World Cup is back.

Won’t be the worst way to go out I suppose.

Give the team a chance to focus fully on the getting that Top 4 spot in PL.

That Sporting manager is very slick looking. Has the cut of a lad ready for a night in the Alchemist in London with high flyers like @Tassotti.

Senor Mateu is another man for the big occasion @peddlerscross

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Good pens so far

Dave McIntyre called Trossard “the young Belgian”.

He’s twenty fucking eight.

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Trossard is a great lad, a brilliant signing.

Odergaard is a smashing chap. Arsenal are a great club with a great spirit.

Never fancied Martinelli, not since Neymar nearly keeled over when he heard him announced in the World Cup squad

Emphatic final pen

You just get a feeling

Tonight could have serious repercussions for arsenals season

That Sporting jersey is class


Only 2 home penalty shoot outs in arsenals history, smashing fact that

The Europa League has opened up nicely for Manchester United too you’d feel.

Sporting seem just the sort of club they’ll lose to

Does Arsenal a favour in reality


I don’t usually subscribe to that view in these situations but I think you’re right here. Many of Arsenal’s backups aren’t anywhere near the standard of their starters. They’ve a few absolute diddies like that Fabio Viera chap & another 2-5 games in this competition might have really upset their league chances what with fatigue and injury risk. I don’t think Arsenal should be turning up their nose at European trophies but probably not the worst thing in the world to bow out.

Unbeaten tonight lest people forget.

I’d agree that trophy winning opportunities are not to be sniffed at but penalties are a lottery.

They had the chances in normal & extra time. The injuries to Saliba & Tomiyasa the sickener of the night really

Defeatist talk.

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